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Scott Bateman Middle School

Box 4300   272 Grace Lake Road
The Pas, Manitoba     R9A 1R2
Telephone: 204-623-3411
Fax: 204-623-6276

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Do not throw this handbook away!


This handbook also contains copies of school rules and policies, staff lists, telephone information, extracurricular and intramural sports activities, awards criteria and much more.  It has the answers to many of your everyday questions.




Scott Bateman Junior High was opened in October, 1974 as a Grade 7/8 school.  Enrolment reached a peak of over 580 students in the mid 1970's.  In 1991, Scott Bateman became one of two Middle Years Schools in Kelsey School Division.  In September 2006, École Scott Bateman Middle School became a dual track school which offers English and French Immersion Programs.  It is also the only Middle Years School in the Kelsey School Division with a student population of 400 in Grades 6 through 8.

Students in Grade 6 receive instruction from their homeroom teachers for core academic classes while students in Grade 7 and 8 are instructed in the core subjects by a team of teachers. Students additionally have numerous opportunities to explore a wide range of optional and exploratory courses such as Art, Band, Basic French, Computers, Drama, Foods, Metals, Photography, and Woods.

With spacious classrooms, a band room, computer labs, science labs, an extensive library, modern industrial arts facilities, and student support classes, École Scott Bateman Middle School provides all the resources necessary for a positive educational experience.




École Scott Bateman Middle School utilizes the Synervoice Technology.  Synervoice is an automated telephone call-out system which enables the user to give the same message to everyone in a database. 

It works this way: A message is recorded into the computer system.  A list of people who we want to hear the message is generated from the school’s database.  This list is transferred to the Synervoice computer.  The Synervoice computer then automatically dials the telephone numbers on the list at a designated time.  If the line is busy or there is no answer the Synervoice computer will attempt to dial the number again as a later time.

This system was used to notify you that your child would be bringing home this Parent Handbook.   Through out the school year we will use the Synervoice system to remind parents of important events such as our Open House and meetings such as the Parent Advisory Council meetings.  We hope that this system will help to improve communication between the school and the home.




Each year we have many parent/guardian volunteers who lend their time to make their child’s educational experience better.  Kelsey School Division policy requires that all individuals who work with children in our schools complete the “Criminal Record” and “Child Abuse Registry” checks.  It is hoped that this requirement does not deter you from being a volunteer at École Scott Bateman Middle School because parent/guardian volunteers are important to the functioning of the school.

The “Intent to Volunteer” form has been included in the forms package which was sent home for completion and return to school.   If you return a completed “Intent to Volunteer” form; office personnel will then give you the necessary Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry forms along with instructions for their completion.     

If you have already had a “Criminal Record” and “Child Abuse Registry” check completed for volunteering at École Scott Bateman Middle School in a previous school year; you will not be required to have another check completed.  

The safety of all students is a concern for everyone.  Thank you for your cooperation.




Please report to the Office so we may assist you.  If you are picking up your child, we will contact the classroom teacher to send them to the Office.

If you are dropping off items for your children, do so at the Office so we can minimize disruption to the classroom.




A Parent Advisory Council exists to assist our school with its many activities and responsibilities.  This group meets in the school library at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month.  The Grub Box fundraising number is 928.  Call 623-3411 for further details.


2010-2011 Staff List


Principal Mr. Wadelius -
Assistant Principal Mrs. Cull   - 
Behavioural Specialist Mr. Lane  -
School Secretary Mrs. Bilinski -
Clerk Typist Mrs. Dozsa -



Teachers Grade 6 

Mrs. Berscheid - 
Ms K. Hopper -

Miss Fan - 
Mrs. Klima - 
Ms. MacSween  -
Mme. Nagle  -
Mr. Popiel


Teachers Grade 7 

Mr. DeVlieger - 
Ms. VanBlarcom -
Mrs. Robertson -

Ms. McGinnis -
Ms. Soura -
Mrs. Devlieger-



Teachers Grade 8 

Miss Johnson -
Mr Meggs -

Mr. Barry  
Mrs. Hopper -

Miss Cable -
Mrs. Yaskiw -

Phys. Ed. Mr. Dunham -
Mr. Meggs -

Band Director Mr. Ings -
Counsellor Ms. Mcleod - 
Resource Mrs. Moisan -

Librarian Mrs. Nicol - 
Shop Options Art Ms. McGillivray - 
Computers Mr. DeVlieger-

Computers Mrs. Berscheid -


Drama Ms Gagnon-
Foods Mrs. Yaskiw -
Healthy Living Ms Basson-
Metals Mr. Scott -
Woods Mr. Dobie -

Educational Assistants: 

Mrs. Barry Mrs. Rivalin, Mrs.
Mrs. Battcock,Miss Katcher 
Miss Innes, Miss Haner, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Ings


Custodians: Mrs. Parker


Caution Fees/Yearbook


 Student Council

Caution Fee - Refundable upon satisfactory return of 
texts and condition of locker


$20.00                       $20.00


Lab Fee - $4.00 materials cost for 4 shop option 
terms per year


$24.00                       $24.00


Student Handbook




Yearbook                        (Optional)


 ($25.00)                   ($25.00)


$50.00                      $45.00
($75.00)                   ($70.00) 

Caution Fees will be refunded annually upon return of all texts and school property in good condition.  They are also refunded when a student transfers or leaves the school division.



Grade 7 & 8 band students performing in ‘concert’ are required to wear a black skirt or slacks and. It is also preferred that students not wear running shoes.


Students registered in Band and utilizing school owned instruments will be charged a $25.00 per month rental fee.  The first four months of rental should be paid to the Assistant-Principal in the first term in the fall.


Students are required to change for Gym class.  Appropriate clothing for gym class includes:                               

1. Socks,
2. Clean running shoes that have not been worn outside,


3. A t-shirt or a sweat shirt, 
4. Either Shorts or Sweat pants.
Students who do not change for gym receive unsatisfactory grades and are ineligible for merit awards. 



DAILY SCHEDULE: Morning classes begin at 8:55 AM and are finished at 11:50 AM.  Afternoon classes begin at 12:55 PM and end at 3:45 PM.  
Our school day cycle has 6 days.  

Students will be assigned and issued a school combination padlock. Personal padlocks may not be used on school property.  Students and their parents are required to sign the KSD Locker Loan Agreement and adhere to the regulations in said agreement.  Students may exchange the padlock after the initial distribution at a cost of $3.00 per lock exchange.  Do not share combinations with anyone.  




Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Becoming an Organized Student

Students are expected to the use of their agendas and lockers.  Students are expected to have all books and supplies in the classroom at all times and to use lockers during established locker break.

Students are expected to use an agenda book to record homework, tests, and assignments.  Students store all supplies in their lockers.  Students are expected to use their lockers during established locker breaks only.  Students will bring their agenda to each class.

Students are expected to continue to use an agenda book to record homework tests and assignments.  Students must bring their agendas to every class.  All supplies are stored in student’s locker.  Lockers are to be used during established breaks only.

Making Effective Use of Class Time

Students are expected to be on time for class, have all supplies, be attentive, be cooperative, have their agenda in class, sit in assigned seating and follow directions.

Students are expected to be on time for class, have all supplies, be attentive, be cooperative, have their agenda in class, sit in assigned seating and follow directions.

Students are expected to be on time for class, have all supplies, be attentive, be cooperative, have their agenda in class, sit in assigned seating and follow directions.

Completing Assigned Homework

Homework consists of unfinished class work.  Students are given a due date to hand in assignments.  Students are deducted marks for late assignments.  Students are expected to record homework assignments in their agendas.

Homework consists of unfinished class work and some assigned homework.  Students are expected to keep track of their own homework and assignment due dates in their agendas.  Marks are deducted from late assignments.

Homework is a combination of unfinished work and assigned practice.  Students are expected to bring their agendas to every class to keep track of their assignment deadlines.  Due dates for assignments are posted.  Thus, no late work is 

Preparing For Tests

Students are given advanced warning of all upcoming tests.  Testing at these levels test student knowledge and skill on a unit by unit basis.  Students are expected to study and review for all tests. 

Students will experience unit testing.  Testing at these levels test student knowledge and skill on a unit by unit basis.  Students are expected to study and prepare for all tests. 

Students will experience unit testing and be expected to study and prepare for all tests.  In addition to unit testing, Grade 8 students will experience comprehensive (multi-unit) testing in preparation for the transition to Senior 1.

Developing Respect

Students participate in Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education (DARE).  This program is presented by RCMP officers.  The program helps students say yes to positive life choices.

Students participate in a family life class where they are provided with the information they need to make positive lifestyle choices.


Students participate in a family life class where they are provided with the information they need to make positive lifestyle choices.



Achieving Personal Potential

Students are encouraged to participate in class, sport, and extra-curricular programs.  One student per month per homeroom is recognized as Students of the Month for working to their personal potential.

Students are encouraged to participate in class, sport, and extra-curricular programs One student per month per homeroom is recognized as Students of the Month for working to their personal potential.

Students are encouraged to participate in class, sport, and extra-curricular programs. One student per month per homeroom is recognized as Students of the Month for working to their personal potential.



Four times a year assemblies are held in our school to recognize students that have achieved honour and merit status for the term. In addition to this, at the final awards assembly a special recognition certificate is given to those students who have met the criteria for a year end award.

1.         Honour status shall be awarded at the end of each of the four terms.
2.         An end of term honour student must:
-           have an average of 85% with no marks below 75%.
-           have no failures.
-           conform to school rules, have no suspensions, and at all times demonstrate exemplary conduct deserving of honour recognition.  In the event that two or more teachers feel that a student’s behaviour is not exemplary, after consultation with parents and the principal, that student may lose his/her honour standing for that term.
-           must adhere to the attendance policy. 
3.         In order to qualify for the year end honour award, a student must have a final average of 85% or greater and have received Honour status in at least 3 of the 4 terms during the year.

1.         Merit status shall be awarded at the end of each of the four terms.
2.         An end of term merit student must:
-           have no failures
-           demonstrate positive attitude and good work habits
-           have no suspensions
-           have worked at his/her level of ability throughout the term and/or made an improvement from the beginning of the term.
-           be acknowledged as such by all of his/her teachers
-           must adhere to the attendance policy.

3.         In order to qualify for the year end merit award, a student must have received Merit or Honour status in at least 3 of the 4 terms during the year, and not be a year end Honour student.




Every month one student from each homeroom is selected the ‘Student of The Month’.  When making their selections teachers are looking for students that show cooperation, good citizenship, a solid effort on school work, assignments completed and a positive attitude towards others as well as their own education experience.

Individual pictures will be taken for display in the student’s homeroom and group pictures will be taken for display on our "Wall of Fame" in the main lobby of the school.  These pictures remain up for the entire school year.  In addition, each student receives a certificate of recognition and a small token of appreciation.



Every month one student from each grade level is selected as the ‘Athlete of The Month’.  When making their selections, Physical Education Teachers are looking for students who consistently and positively display the following attributes during gym class, intra-murals, and interschool sports: Academics, Athleticism, Citizenship, Cooperation, Friendship, Kindness, Leadership, Optimism, Participation, and Work Ethics.



The telephones located in the school office are to be used for school related business.  Use of the office telephones by students is limited to emergency types of phone calls, such as a student is sick and needs to call their parents.  Non-emergency use of the office telephones by students is restricted and monitored by the school staff. The non-emergency use of the office telephone is limited to 2 calls each term for each student.  There is a public pay phone in the front foyer of the school for non-emergency use by students.


Intramural activities are offered to all grade levels on a weekly basis at noon hour. Students are permitted to eat lunch in the MBCI cafeteria on their intramural day. Proper physical education attire is required for participation.

NOON INTRAMURALS - 12:15 - 12:55 PM         

Day 1 & 2: Grade 7
Day 3 & 4: Grade 6
Day 5 & 6: Grade 8


This program is available to all students who demonstrate proper conduct in school and are of good academic standing. It offers participation in an inter-school league competing with teams from Cormorant Lake School, Joe A. Ross School and Rod Martin School.  The schedule of activities is as follows:

September                             - Cross Country Running/Soccer 
October to December             - Volleyball     
January to March                    - Basketball/Wrestling 
March to April                         - Badminton    
April to June                           - Running Club/Track & Field

Students who practice and play on Inter-school League Teams will be eligible to participate on traveling sports teams.  The traveling sports teams will participate in sports tournaments and athletic events taking place in neighboring communities.  The traveling teams will be competitive and developmental in nature.  It is our goal to create as many traveling teams as necessary so that every student who wants to participate will be able to if they meet eligibility requirements.

Scott Bateman teams have adopted a number the ‘mascot’ names to identify them from each other. 


A school newsletter will be sent home near the beginning of each month.  An electronic version will be e-mailed to individuals who provide an e-mail address to the school.  The information on the newsletter is available from the Kelsey School Division web site, , under “Letters To Parents”. This service is available 24 hours a day. 


The Teacher Advisor Groups (TAG) is an important component of the school program at École Scott Bateman Middle School. The TAG is composed of 2 staff advisors and students from each grade level who remain in the same TAG for as long as they are enrolled in SBMS.  TAG meets once per cycle during period 6 on Day 6 to complete homework and work on school projects to improve the school environment and spirit. 
Three TAG are combined to form a “House”.  The “House” is the base unit in the Intra-Mural sport competition at SBMS.  There are currently 7 “Houses” in the SBMS Intra-Mural Program.  


Each year a student council is formed.  The student council is open to any interested Scott Bateman student.  An executive is elected by the student body as a whole while each homeroom room elected their own student council representatives.  Under the direction and guidance of staff advisors, the student council organizes such things as spirit activities, fund-raisers, community relations, food days, school dances, the Prom and more. 


The SBMS School Store has been in operation for a number of years.  It is located in the General Office of the school and has a stock of essential items which a student might need during the school year.  Items include: pencils, pens, loose leaf paper, diskettes, and reeds for band instruments, protractors and more.


A healthy foods counter has been established by the Student Council in the “Pit”  to sell items such as fruit, yogurt, juices, and other healthy alternatives to junk food.  Profits from the school stores help to fund school projects and field trips. The school does not sell soft drinks or foods that contain a lot of fat, nor are students permitted to bring those items into the school. The only exception to this is during school dances. When grant money is available, the school provides a healthy snack to all students twice a week. This is prepared by the students under the direction of a staff member. The snack is comprised of vegetable soup or a fruit cup. This promotes a healthy choice for students as well as exposes them to the variety of healthy alternatives.

SBMS: A Peanut Controlled Zone

All parents, staff, and students are being informed that there are students attending SBMS this school year who have extreme allergic reactions to peanut and fish products.  We must as a school community, do everything we can to reduce the risk of an extreme allergic reaction by any of our students.  Therefore, we are requesting that everyone who attends or works at SBMS not bring any lunches or snacks which contain peanut or fish products.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



Throughout the year, SBMS offers a wide variety of activities for students.  Some of these activities include:  ACE Program, Adopt a Grandparent, Art Club, Recycling Program, Chess Club, Crib Club, Drama Club, Middle School Idol, Science Fair, Yearbook Committee, and much more.


This committee of parents, students and staff meets regularly to consider changes to our school that respond to the issues raised by the middle school review.  The Innovations Committee works together to develop and institute many changes which help to make École Scott Bateman Middle School, a great place to work and learn.


If your child has lost something please have them check their locker and classroom area.  Lost items, which are found, are usually put in the lost and found box located by the office.  If it is an item other than clothing we will keep it in the office.  If the item is not found we will make an announcement for it over the school intercom system.

On three occasions during the school year, Open House and parent-teacher conferences, items in the lost and found are displayed for everyone to see and claim.  If still unclaimed; items are then taken to one of the local Thrift Shops.


Outside supervision does not begin until 8:30 am.  Students should not arrive before this time.  If the weather is inclement, students will be allowed into the lobby of the school.  Outdoor supervision is provided at noon hour for students who stay for lunch beginning at 12:15 pm.  It is expected that all town students who have not paid lunch fees or are not participating in a noon activity will leave school property during the noon hour and eat their lunch at home and not return to school until 12:50 pm. There is a concern about vehicles stopping and dropping students off on Wadelius Drive (the road between MBCI and SBMS). This impedes KSD busses.  For safety reasons, parents should try to avoid this area before 8:40 am and drop their children off along the Grace Lake Road. After 8:40 am and 4:00 pm, vehicles are encouraged to use the teacher parking lot loop to pick up and drop off students in front of the school rather than the side.


The Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees has purchased Universal Student Accident Insurance coverage for all students within the Division.  This insurance provides coverage for all students while at school, while involved in school activities away from the school premises, while traveling to or from school, and while traveling to or from a school activity.  This insurance does not replace the voluntary student accident insurance coverage and is excess of benefits provided by Manitoba Health and excess or any benefits to the student under any group benefits programs.  Order forms for more extensive coverage are available at the SBMS office. Claim forms are available at or by calling 1-800-556-7411. 
Coverage includes Ambulance Service.


Mental Health On-call Worker – The Pas and Area ………..…..     623-6431
Community Mental Health ……..……………………….…..…..                 623-9650
Suicide Crisis Line ………………………………………………     1-877-435-7170
Aurora House Crisis Line ……………………………….…..…..                 623-5497
Kawechetonanow Crisis Line …………..……………….…..…..               623-0519
RCMP The Pas ………………………………………….…..…..                 627-6200
Victim Services ………………………………………….…..…..              627-6223
Women & Children Advocate ……..…………………….…..…..    627-8483
Men’s Resource Centre ………………………………………….     1-204-956-6560


Eligible students can eat and/or buy their lunch at the MBCI Cafeteria from 11:50 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.   Students with bag lunches who do not need to make a purchase from the cafeteria may eat their lunch in the designated overflow lunchroom in SBMS.

Bus students must stay on school property for lunch while town students are required to go home unless they pay an annual fee. 

According to Kelsey School Division Policy, parents can choose from three different lunch program sessions: 
A: September 5th to January 31st,
B: February 1st to June 30th, 
C: November 1st to March 31st.  Each session costs $30.00 per child.  Registration for the lunch program is done at Kelsey School Division Office.

Students who do not normally stay for lunch are eligible to stay without paying fees on “special” food days, or when they are involved in band, club, intramural sports, or extra-curricular activities.  In addition, the Principal or Assistant-Principals may waive the payment of lunch fees for a student to stay on a certain day for a specific reason.  This can be arranged by contacting one of the school administrators.

Students who remain at school to eat their lunch must remain on school property in the supervised area for the entire noon hour.  All bus and lunch program students must remain at school each and every noon hour.


Outside supervision does not begin until 8:30 am.  Playground supervision is provided at noon for students who stay for lunch beginning at 12:15 pm.  The enclosed playground is the only supervised area.  The KRC Skateboard Park does not have supervision.  Students who do not stay for lunch should not return prior to 12:50 pm.



Parents are reminded that our students will be going outside for all or part of each recess up until the temperature is colder than -34 Degrees Celsius (including the Wind Chill).  Have your students dress appropriately for the cold weather.


KSD buses will not run at temperatures in excess of -45 degrees Celsius, or with a wind chill in excess of -50 degrees Celsius. 

The closing of all schools in the Division would usually only occur because of very extreme weather conditions.  If the decision to close the schools is made by the Division Office Administration every effort will be made to inform the public of the decision.  The local radio stations will be informed to make “public announcements” regarding the decision to close the schools.


The Staff of Scott Bateman recognizes that it may be necessary for some students to be in possession of cellular phones or other devices for communication with family and/or for safety reasons while at school.  However, the educational integrity of the school, privacy of others and safety during school emergencies must be protected at all times.  Therefore, the following conditions will apply:

  • All communication devices must be turned off when the student arrives at

the school.  These devices must not be activated or used in school during the school day or any other time designated by a staff member.

  • For safety reasons, the student must turn off all communication devices prior  

to getting on a school bus.  Permission to use the communication device must be given by the staff member in charge of the bus.

  • The school assumes no responsibility in any circumstances for the loss, destruction, or theft of any communication device brought to school or to any school related activity by a student.

The consequences for violation of this policy will be in accordance with the school discipline cycle.  This could include suspension.

            Cell Phones, Cameras, and Laser Pointers are not to be used at school.  They must not be left on while in the school area.  Laser Pointers must not be used by students anywhere in and around the school.
                        -           1st offence – Confiscation till end of school day
                        -           2nd offence - Confiscation - Return to parent/guardian


As per Section 40(1) of The Education Administration Act which reads in part: “The principal has disciplinary authority over all pupils of his or her school in their conduct towards one another on their way to and from school”, students are reminded that they are responsible to the school for their behaviour throughout the day even when they are off of school property.  This includes before and after school as well as noon hour.


Students should realize that school is a more formal setting than home and therefore must dress appropriately.  Kelsey School Division Policy JFCA states in part “students will thus be required to maintain personal attire and grooming standards that promote safety, health, and acceptable standards of social conduct.  Student dress that disrupts the school environment or school activities will not be tolerated”.  The consequences for violation of this policy will be in accordance with the school discipline cycle.  This could include suspension.

Appropriate dress guidelines:
1. Clothes with acceptable pictures, prints or logos
2. Headgear worn indoors for religious or health reasons
3. Pants worn at the hips or waist
4. Tops which meet pants or skirts and are continuous from the neckline to the waist or below
5. Tank tops with wide straps
6. Clothes which are clean, odour-free and without tears of rips
7. Footwear that is safe, comfortable, easy to walk in which do not limit participation in 
school classes or activities

The items listed below are deemed inappropriate for the following reasons:
1. Shows disrespect for others

  • Clothing, handbags, backpacks, etc. displaying offensive images that promote or advertise illegal drugs or alcohol, depict or encourage violence, cruelty or racism, or have derogatory, degrading comments on them

  • Hats, headbands (other than those used as hair accessories), hoods, bandannas, and other types of headgear worn indoors.

2. Can be a safety hazard

  • Excessively baggy clothing such as pants which sag below the waist and are not hemmed to an appropriate length for the wearer

  • Bare feet or shoes which are not properly fastened or in need of repair

  • Dog collars, choke chains, wallet chains, or like items.

3. Not appropriate for learning and working environments

  • Excessively tight clothing

  • Clothing which exposes the chest, abdomen, back, midriff or undergarments

  • Tops with necklines lower than a line running from one armpit to the other

  • Spaghetti straps, tube tops, and muscle shirts

  • Skirts and shorts (as well as the slits in these garments) that are higher than mid thigh

4. Can be a health hazard

  • Perfumes, cologne, or other scented body products that are sprayed on while in the building. Use of these products must be limited as many people have allergies to them.

Hats and headgear are not to be worn in the school. 

Any apparel which is associated with gangs or gang activity will be banned.



There are only 3 RULES at SBMS: 1. RESPECT YOURSELF   (Y)

These are examples of behaviour expectations of all SBMS students if they are to obey the 3 SBMS school rules:

  1. Students will not physically abuse others. (O) 

  2. Students will not verbally harass others.  Swearing at others is a form of verbal abuse and will not be tolerated. (O)

  3. Students will not be defiant to staff.  Defiance is acting in an uncooperative, rude, and disrespectful manner.  Defiance of classroom or school rules is unacceptable behavior that detracts from the learning environment of the school.  (O) 

  4. Students will walk quietly and use quiet voices while moving through the hallways. (Y,O, P) 

  5. Students will not bring sunflower seeds and gum into the school.  Food and drinks are not to be consumed during class except on special occasions. . (P) 

  6. Students are expected to be in class on time: Truancy, skipping, and lateness are not acceptable. (Y,O)

  7. Students are not to wear hats or inappropriate clothing in school. (Y,O)

  8. Personal electronic devices including cellular phones, video, and digital cameras will not be used for the duration of the school day on KSD property which includes classrooms, hallways, and playgrounds. All personal electronic devices brought into the school must be stored in a locker during the school day.  Unauthorized use of personal electronic devices by students is prohibited on KSD property during the school day as per KSD Policy.  (O)

  9. Personal entertainment devices including Gameboys, CD Players, DVD Players, portable stereos, MP3 players, and IPOD’s will not be used in classrooms or hallways.  All personal entertainment devices must be stored in student lockers as soon as the device is brought into the school. (O)

  10. Students will not use skateboards, heelies and roller blades on school property during the school day. (Y,O,P)

  11. Use of and/or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, smoking and the possession of smoking paraphernalia are strictly prohibited in accordance with KSD Policy. (Y,O) 

  12. Use of and/or possession of a weapon is strictly prohibited in accordance with KSD Policy. (Y,O, P) 

  13. Bullying at Scott Bateman will not be tolerated.  Students are encouraged to report bullying to the school office immediately.  Bullying is defined as repeated targeting of an individual, intimidation, and exclusion of others by an individual or group, and or electronic harassment. (O)

  14. Students will not vandalize property belonging to the school or other people.  Vandalism includes destroying and/or defacing equipment, walls, and desks.  (O, P)    



If a student breaks the school rules he/she can expect to be dealt with in one of the following ways depending on the frequency and seriousness of the misbehaviour:
1.         Discuss and follow the supervisor’s directions for the rule violation.
2.         Be timed out at recess for repeat offences or unresolved discussions.
3.         Be referred to the Office.
4.         Parental contact.
5.         Detention, suspension, Saturday/Wednesday School, possible expulsion.


Prohibited or unauthorized items will be confiscated from students.  If items are deemed illegal; RCMP will be contacted for disposal.  Prohibited yet legal items which have been confiscated will be returned to the student after parental contact or at the end of the school day. 
The SBMS Discipline Code outlines the specific consequences for each violation.


The SBMS discipline code is based on progressive discipline with consequences that are appropriate to the seriousness and frequency of the misbehaviour.  The code outlines Major Behaviour Infractions which are dealt with through the school administration and Minor Behaviour Infractions which are dealt with through the classroom teacher.

Major Behaviour Infractions                    Consequences
1. Fighting/Assault                                Immediate Suspension
2. *Dangerous Actions                              Immediate Suspension
3. Swearing at Staff                               Immediate Suspension
4. Smoking on School Property                      Immediate Suspension
Confiscation of Items
5. Drug/Alcohol Use at School                       Immediate Suspension
6. Skipping Classes                                 Saturday School
7. Vandalism                                        Dependent on Severity

  • Warning

  • Parent Contact

  • Apology/Restitution

  • Possible Suspension

8. Theft                                                        Same as for Vandalism
9. **Open Defiance                                        Dependent on Severity
1.    Warning (Staff)
2.    Parent Contact (Staff)

  • In School Suspension

  • Parent Contact ( Admin)

  • Suspension

10. Harassment                                             Same as Open Defiance

*Weapons or actions that may endanger self or others
**Defiance is refusing to follow the directions of a staff member.


Minor Infractions                                                      Consequences

  1. Laggardness (unprepared for class)                For minor infractions

  2. Minor Defiance                                               consequences include:

  3. Minor Disrespect                                             - warning, parent contact

  4. Late For Class                                                 time out, parent contact,

5.   Physical Aggression                                        possible Saturday school or suspension

Students who are continuously referred to the office will be referred to the school guidance counsellor and the behaviour specialist in the Kelsey School Division.  An Individual Behaviour Plan will be developed for the student.                 


Saturday School is used in the discipline process as an alternative to suspension.  Late, truancy, and laggardness are the primary reasons that a student may be referred to Saturday School.  While there, students do homework that they have brought with them or work that is provided.  In the beginning, Saturday School was only held on Saturday mornings which is how it received its name. Now it is also held on Wednesday evenings.
Saturday Schools are located at École Scott Bateman Middle School in the Lecture Theatre.

There are now 2 different time slots during which a student may be assigned to attend Saturday School:

  • Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

  • Saturday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 am.

Saturday School is also open to students who wish to attend for extra help with their studies.  Arrangements can be made through the Assistant Principal.   



Riding the school bus is a privilege.  All normal school rules apply when riding and students are expected to follow the direction of the driver.  Improper behaviour on the bus will be dealt with through the Bus Code of Conduct and may result in suspension of future bus riding privileges.

The Bus Code of Conduct provides consequences for minor bus misconduct which are progressive in nature and major misconduct which results automatically in suspension from the bus.  The major bus infractions are fighting, threatening/assaulting the driver, smoking/chewing tobacco, lighting matches or lighters, swearing at the driver, serious disrespect or defiance, drug or alcohol abuse, vandalism or endangering the safety of others.

Bus passes are distributed by the Assistant Principal.  A pass allows a student to ride on a particular bus he or she does not normally ride.  A situation where a student is being looked after by someone else for an evening or weekend is an acceptable reason for requiring a bus pass.  Passes will not be issued to transport students to visit a friend, birthday parties, sleep-overs, or any other activities that are not school related.  Bus passes must be requested in writing before 9:30 am of that day to ensure availability.

Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure; therefore, everyone has the responsibility to act in a manner that ensures the safety and security of others.

  2. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly; therefore, everyone has the responsibility to treat everyone in a fair manner.

  3. Everyone has the right to be respected; therefore, everyone has the responsibility to act in a manner respectful of others in the school community.

  4. Everyone has the right to work in a clean environment; therefore, everyone has the responsibility to pick up their personal items and keep their work space clean.


In 1998, a policy entitled the Zero Tolerance Policy was developed and implemented in the Kelsey School Division Middle Schools of Scott Bateman and Opasquia.  The Zero Tolerance Policy was developed to help curb the growing problem of students being physically aggressive towards each other.  This policy came into existence to decrease incidents of student play fighting, scuffles, and injuries occurring inside the school building and outside on the playground.  The intent of the Zero Tolerance Policy was and is not to punish students, rather to effect an attitude change towards what is acceptable behaviour at school.  In 2006, the Zero Tolerance Policy was renamed the Physical Aggression Guidelines. 

Any physical aggression, including play fighting will result in a direct referral to the Office for the following action:


The Physical Aggression Guidelines are administered throughout the year with each student’s record reset at the end of the month.   Each month those students who have not received a Saturday School or Suspension and have displayed appropriate positive behaviour may be rewarded with a special activity such as movie, games room, sports activity, or special learning activity.


Regular attendance is one of the keys to success in school. If a student is absent from school on a regular basis, they cannot maintain their academic progress and will be at a risk of failure.

  • We request the parents to contact the school to inform us if a student is absent due to illness, funeral, medical appointments, out of town trips, or any other family emergencies.  A message can be left 24 hours a day using our Voicemail system, to ensure that the absence is excused. 

  • To ensure student success, truant students are placed in Saturday School to make up for lost time.

If 20% of the school days are missed, the student will be referred to the Student Services Coordinator for possible alternate Educational Placement.

All students report to the Office for a late slip in the morning and afternoon if they are not in class by 8:55 AM or 12:55 PM respectively. If parents send a note or call the school, an "excused" late slip is issued. The following series of consequences are administered when students receive unexcused lates:

Bengals Roar: Wolves Howl: Panthers Prowl! 
The 2010-2011 school year at École Scott Bateman Middle School promises to be a most exciting year!  Welcome to all the new Grade 6 students and all the returning students in Grades 7 & 8.  Students at SBMS are part of a long tradition that began in 1974 when Scott Bateman first opened its doors to students.  École Scott Bateman is the place to strive for excellence in class, to make new friends, and to become an active part of the school and its community.  Have a great year SBMS!




All students must sign and have their parents sign the ‘Network Use’ form.  The use of the KSD computer network is a privilege, and failure to comply with the policy may lead to suspension or termination of computer privileges.  (To be completed once and kept on file until the student leaves SBMS)


All students must sign and have their parents sign the ‘Shops Safety Agreement’ form.  There is an element of danger in some of the Shops Option classes.  Students must respect this and follow the safety rules established for each Shops Option Class. (To be completed once and kept on file until the student leaves SBMS)


Each year parents are required to complete this form so that the information regarding each student is correct.  Inaccurate biographical information may cause serious delays in the school’s ability to contact parents or guardians in emergency situations.  If a student’s biographical information changes during the school year; it is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school immediately.  (To be completed and updated on a yearly basis.)


In the spring of each year students are required to complete a registration form for the following school year.  Parents and students need to decide which option classes that they will be taking next year.  The option classes available to students are Band and Basic French. (This form must be completed and signed each year.)